April Message from the Atons President

What a weekend. So many emotions on a grand scale. We bid farewell to an Aton brother and dear friend. We watched as new leaders stepped onto the stage.

Congratulations to Minnesota Leather Pride for putting on another exciting weekend. Congratulations to all the contestants. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself up there to be scrutinized by the judges and the community.

Congratulations to the new Ms Minnesota Leather Pride – Evie Bea-Pan!

We are very proud of our Atons brother, the new Minnesota Leather boy, Chris Vadner! Congratulations Chris!

Atons & TCgoL Cigar Social at MNLPW

To everyone who attended the MNLP Cigar Social at Lush on April 6, co-hosted by the Atons & the Twin Cities girls of Leather (TCgoL), thank you for braving the cold and coming out. For this fundraiser, proceeds were split between the Atons and the TCgoL. Events like this help us to fund various programs throughout the year, and your support of this event ties directly back to the continued success of our clubs!

Did you like the Cigars we offered? The lighter colored cigar was a mild Connecticut style, made with Connecticut Shade tobacco. The darker cigar was a medium to medium-full flavored Maduro style from Flor de Olivia. The Cigars were sourced from Stogie’s on Grand (961 Grand Ave, Saint Paul). Next time you need a quality Cigar, check Stogie’s on Grand, as they have a wide range of products and prices, and are known for their friendly staff. Also, don’t forget that they have a patio area where you can sit back and enjoy your smokes.

The Atons would like to thank everyone who attended Cigar Social, the Twin Cities girls of Leather, MNLP for throwing the party known as MNLP Leather Pride Weekend, the contestants for the 2018 titles, the title holders stepping down, Lush & its staff, and Stogie’s on Grand.

Do you like our Cigar Smoker events?  Be watching for the following events:

  • Atons Smoker for Twin Cities Pride 2018, June – Minneapolis, MN
  • Cornhaulers L&L & Atons Smoke Out for Iowa Leather Weekend 2018, October – Des Moines, IA

In Memory of Sam Carlisle

As many of you have probably read by now, our member Sam Carlisle passed away on March 27th, 2018.

Sam was the longest standing active member of the Atons, having joined the club in 1992. He served the club as President, Vice-President, Treasurer, social chair, run chair, and as a brother to his fellow Atons. Sam was always a driving force behind our message of brotherhood and our leather family. He championed for our active involvement in our local Minnesota Leather community through Minnesota Leather Pride and in our broader regional communities through his leadership in the Mid-America Conference of Clubs (MACC).

Sam could always be counted on for saying, “Well Hello there…” and greeting you with a warm smile and that characteristic twinkle in his eyes. Sam was also known for his love of motorcycle rides, quality cigars, his cats, questionable scary drag outfits, the creative table centerpieces at Atons Runs, and his excellent collection of leather and boots.

Our thoughts are with Sam’s husband, Michael; their roommate, Del; and with his close circle of friends & family who sat vigil with Sam and Michael.

We will all continue to feel the impact of Sam’s legacy in our Minnesota and regional leather community for a long time. We all carry a part of Sam in our leather hearts.

Our club member Kurt crafted the Atons memorial logo above. Please feel free to use this logo if you would like to offer your support and thoughts via social media.

Please join us at Sam’s Memorial, 1:30 pm on Saturday, April 7, 2018, at The Cowles Center. 528 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis.

In lieu of flowers, Sam’s family is requesting that donations be made in Sam’s name to The Aliveness Project. Follow this link, and select the Memorial box under “This gift is being given in tribute.”