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This page is for Associate, Trustee, or Alumni members to renew their memberships online.

The cost is $20 and billed through PayPal. If you would prefer to pay off-line, then please follow the instructions that were emailed to you.

Please Note: Full members can not pay dues online. You must submit payment directly to the Treasurer.

Introduction to the Atons

The Atons were founded in 1972 as a gay men's Leather/Levi social fraternity that is dedicated to promoting a positive image of our lifestyle through our various activities. As part of our mission, we work to encourage local, national and inter-national fellowship, and we also work to foster both the unity and diversity of the leather community.

As a club, the Atons of Minneapolis host many different activities. These include monthly meetings, social events, and an annual banquet.

To encourage fellowship we hold events known as “runs.” These started as motorcycle road trips to visit members of clubs in other cities. Ours is a camp-out, to which we invite other clubs and members of the leather community from all across the nation for a weekend of fun and brotherhood. It is usually held on the third weekend of July.

The leather community is composed of unique individuals who have a wide variety of interests and desires. However, we share the common bond of our interest in leathersex and all that comes with it. The Atons reflect both the unity and diversity of the leather community, while seeking to encourage a unity within this diversity. As part of this, we sponsor a variety of fund raising events to bring the community together to express our identity and celebrate our culture. Proceeds from these events benefit both club functions and the larger gay community - including charitable organizations and AIDS services.

To ensure that we achieve our goals, we are always looking for a few good men. If you would like to attend our events, or are interested in membership, please visit contact our officers (links to the right) or call 763.443.0459.

History of Our Name

A colossal statue of Akhenaten from his Aten Temple at Karnak.Gay Pride: In The Beginning

Akhenaten ruled ancient Egypt from 1377 to 1360 BC, and for a short time ruled with his lover, Smenkhkare. Called the first true individual in history, Akhenaten was also the first historical gay person.

Akhenaten championed a religious revolution that has reverberated through the centuries. Born Amenophis the Fourth, he changed his name to honor his new god: the Aton, the first manifestation of monotheism. The Aton was the first god to be depicted as an abstract force, a sun disc with life-bestowing rays, rather than an animal or human representation.

This faced major opposition from the traditional priesthoods, particularly the powerful priesthood of the Amon. With Akhenaten's death, the old order was restored. Tutankhaten changed his name to Tutankhamon, honoring Amon. The Aton was eclipsed, but Akhenaten left his mark forever.

Akhenaten's place in religious history is controversial, but perhaps not as controversial as his sexuality. It appears that when Smenkhkare was enthroned, Nefertiti, famous royal wife of Akhenaten, retired to a palace of her own at the edge of the city. Smenkhkare was given titles formerly held by Nefertiti, including "Beauty of Aton's Beauties." Smenkhkare and Akhenaten apparently ruled together openly as lovers.


Cyril Alred, citing a stela of Smenkhkare and Akhenaten, "The intimacy suggested by the latter's caressing gesture led Newberry to postulate a homoerotic relationship between the rulers, but his suggestion has been rejected by scholars who have found such an idea upsetting..."

The desecrated mummy of mysterious tomb 55 in Valley of the Kings has been generally identified as that of Smenkhkare. An inscription at the base of the coffin reads: "Utterance by [Smenkhkare], deceased, 'May I breathe the sweet breath that comes forth from thy mouth, may I see thy beauty daily, my prayer is that I might hear thy sweet, breeze like voice, and my limbs be rejuvenated in life through love of thee! Mayest thou extend me thine arms bearing thy spirit that I may receive it and live by it. Mayest thou call on my name for eternity, and it shall never cease from thy mouth. Oh my [defaced] thou being [Akhenaten] for ever and ever, living like the Sun-disc [Akhenaten], the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, living in Truth, Lord of the Two Lands [Akhenaten] thou beautiful child of the Sun-disc, who shall be here, living, for ever and ever.'"

Another fragment of the coffin identifies the occupant as "beloved of Wa-en-re," the throne name of Akhenaten. That Akhenaten and Smenkhkare enjoyed an affectionate relationship is not disputed. But the affection shared seems to go far beyond congeniality.

The sun set on "The Great Heretic" and his revolution. His heresy was as a cultural revolutionary, not due to his love for Smenkhkare. Like the sunrise, Akhenaten sheds the first rays of light on a heritage we can be proud of. May we have the courage of heretics and, like the ancient Egyptians, may we have the courage to "Live in Truth."

Full Membership

Full Members enjoy the camaraderie and brotherhood of a closely-knit group of men. The club offers Full Members the opportunity to play a significant role in the leadership of the Minnesota leather community. Our fund-raisers help community causes make a difference. Since the club is one of the nation's oldest, living clubs, the club uniform and patch is nationally recognized. When Full Members travel to distant cities they are greeted warmly by other club brothers and provided opportunities that you wouldn't have without our club status.

Are you interested in becoming a Full Member of the Atons? The first step is to get to know the current Full Member by attending our events and meetings, such as our monthly dinner and bar nights. In additional to our monthly events, once or twice a year we have a "Rush Party" which is an afternoon or evening set aside to get to know perspective members better and answer any questions that they might have. Once the club brother have gotten to know you, you are welcome to submit an application to pledge the club.

Full Membership Requirements

Before you apply to pledge the Atons, you must understand the requirement for Full Membership. Full membership is reserved for those men who have the necessary time and commitment to help the club achieve its goals and objectives. Full Members are expected to attend monthly general meetings and serve on two or more sub-committees. In addition to these meetings, members are expected to be present at bar events, fund-raisers, the annual officers installation banquet and the biennial club run at which you are expected to attend. Full Members are also expected to make at least one run trip to a club outside Minnesota each year.

Dues and Cost:

Your pledge application requires an entrance fee of $45.00. This fee includes the cost of the pledgeship and one large and small patch when you become full members. The fee must accompany you application. In the event the prospective member is not accepted, the fee will be returned.

After a pledge becomes a full member, the monthly dues are $15.00 a month. Full member is encouraged to keep their dues in good standing and encouraged to attend the monthly general meeting.

The first $100.00 of your dues goes into the Uniform Fund and if you return the uniform in good order you will receive the $100.00 back. The uniform is required at many club functions and is often worn when attending other clubs' runs.

Questions regarding application for pledgeship should be directed to the Vice-President.

Current Members

Andrew B.

Andrew B.
MACC Rep, and Webmaster
Member since 2003


Ken K.
2018 Treasurer
Member since 2016

Sam C.

Sam C.
Member since 1992


Kurt K.
2018 Vice-President
Member since 2017


Michael D.
2018 Secretary
Member since 2016

  Steve L. Steve L.
Honorary Member
Member since 2005
  Andrew B.

Bud I.
Honorary Member
Member since 2014

  Angel R. Angel R.
Honorary Member
Member since 2012
  Andrew B.

Randy I.
2018 President
Member since 2014

  Bobbie S.

Bobbie S.
Member and MN Leather Pride Rep
Member since 2005

  Andrew B. Heidi J.
Honorary Member
Member since 2015

Chris V.
Member since 2017

Emeriti   Jim B.
Bruce C.
James C.
Jack H.
    Steve J.
Jerry N.
Paul R.


Trustees   Jayson G.
Growler G.
Kelley H.
    Mark L.
Bill P.


Alumni   Del V.     John W.



Bill A.
David A.
Rob A.
Toy A.
Bruce B.
Chester B.
Brianne B.
Michael B.
Richard B.
Lady C.
David C.
Josh C.
Jodi F.
Rex G.
Bradley G.
Mark G.
Les H.
Rob H.
Gary H.
Darren H.
Timothy H.
Rich H.
Les J.
Robert J.
Chris J.
Vicki K.
James L.
Greg M.
Jacob M.



Mark M.
Bill N.
Paul N.
Syn P.
Steven P.
Terry P.
Daniel P.
David P.
Karri P.
Jack P.
Thomas P.
Robert R.
Jack R.
Aileen S.
Mark S.
David S.
Michael S.
Ed S.
Thomas S.
Jodie S.
Joel S.
Jim S.
Simon T.
Zach T.
Gary T.
Kyle T.
Donald U.
Jackie W.
Archie W.
Carly Z.


  Robert E.
P. J. K.

David P.

Brian P.
Robert S.



About the Atons

The Atons of Minneapolis , founded in 1972, is one of the nation's oldest active gay men's Leather / Levi social fraternity. We are dedicated to promoting a positive image of our lifestyle through our various social activities. As part of our mission, we work to encourage local, national and international fellowship. We also work to foster both the unity and diversity of the leather community.

Contact Details

Atons of Minneapolis

PO Box 580517
Minneapolis, MN 

Voicemail: 612-562-8667

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The Atons are currently accepting applications for new Associate Members and pledges, which is the first step in becoming a Full Member. 

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