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We are always looking for old and new photos of the Atons. We only have photos from a fraction of the club's forty years of history. If you have any digital photos you can share with us, please upload them through this DropBox tool below. If you have physical photos, please mail them to PO Box 580517, Minneapolis, MN, 55458-0517.



  1. If you have multiple photos, you could zip them first and them upload the zip.
  2. Where it says "Destination Directory" above, type in your name with no spaces. This will help us identify who the pictures came from.


10/04/2010 - [Atons Flashmail] Achtung! You will come with us to Stillwater for excellant German dinner at Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter. And you will like it.
09/12/2010 - [Atons Flashmail] Join the Atons for Great Burgers and Beers at the 5-8 Club!
08/16/2010 - [Atons Flashmail] Join Us this Saturday for L&L at It's Greek To Me!
08/05/2010 - [Atons Flashmail] It's Time to Freshen Up on your Greek! Join us for the August L&L at It's Greek to Me
06/28/2010 - [Atons Flashmail] July is Almost Here! Register NOW for the Aton's 2010 Run!
06/16/2010 - [Atons Flashmail] June is a Very Busy Month - Read This Flashmail for the Upcoming Leather Events.
06/06/2010 - [Atons Flashmail] Join us as the Atons explore Nuevo Latino Cuisine at Conga Latin Bistro in Minneapolis for the June 19 Atons L&L Dinner.
05/09/2010 - [Atons Flashmail] Join the Atons Next Saturday for L&L at Salsa A La Salsa, then our Beer Bust at Rumours
04/14/2010 - [Atons Flashmail] Join Us for the New Monthly Atons Beer Bust at Rumours/Innuendos!
04/02/2010 - [Atons Flashmail] Spice Things Up With the Atons at Sawatdee - St. Paul!
03/19/2010 - [Atons Flashmail] Find Out What it Means to Be a Brother!
03/12/2010 - [Atons Flashmail] Extra Special Announcement: Atons March Bar Night Moved to Rumours for the Mr. Twin Cities Leather Contest
03/11/2010 - [Atons Flashmail] Special Announcement: Mr. Twin Cities Leather Contest - This Saturday at Rumours!
03/05/2010 - [Atons Flashmail] Come Wag Your Tail with the Atons at Bulldog for the March L&l Dinner
02/06/2010 - [Atons Flashmail] Warm Up With a Little Greek at the February L&L!
01/06/2010 - [Atons Flashmail] RSVP for the 2010 Atons Anniversary and Officers Banquet!
12/26/2009 - [Atons Flashmail] Happy Holidays! See You In 2010!
12/02/2009 - [Atons Flashmail] Join Us This Sunday for the Atons Holiday Fundraiser!
11/21/2009 - [Atons Flashmail] Celebrate the life of SF Leather Community Icon Mr. Marcus, this Saturday at the Minneapolis Eagle.
11/04/2009 - [Atons Flashmail] Join Us This Saturday for L&L at Khan's Mongolian Barbeque!
10/16/2009 - [Atons Flashmail] Something Wickedly Atons This Way Comes! Join Us for the Atons Halloween Party!
09/29/2009 - [Atons Flashmail] Come Hunt For Hidden Treasures at the Atons' Garage Sale, This Saturday!
09/20/2009 - [Atons Flashmail] How Twisted Are You! Come Find Out at the Atons' Halloween Party!
08/27/2009 - [Atons Flashmail] Light 'em if you've got 'em! Join us this Saturday at Rumours & Innuendo for the MN Leather Pride Smoker.
08/01/2009 - [Atons Flashmail] Join Us Next Saturday For It's Greek To Me! RSVP Today!
07/12/2009 - [Atons Flashmail] Special Announcement: Atons Campout Early Registration Extended to July 16, this Thursday!
07/07/2009 - [Atons Flashmail] Only 5 Days Left to Register for the Atons Campout 2009!
06/15/2009 - [Atons Flashmail] The Atons Kick Off Pride with Mid-Summer Night's Wet Dream, Now at a New Lower Price!
06/03/2009 - [Atons Flashmail] It's Time For Your Mid-Summer Night's Wet Dream!
05/20/2009 - [Atons Flashmail] Calling all IML Widows: Join Us At This Saturday's Atons' Men's Party
05/04/2009 - [Atons Flashmail] Join Us As We Celebrate Our New Mr. Minneapolis Eagle!
04/06/2009 - [Atons Flashmail] Get Your Vodka On! This Saturday at the April L&L.
03/03/2009 - [Atons Flashmail] Join Us At the New Sawatde [Atons Flashmail] e in Saint Paul This Saturday for L&L
02/08/2009 - [Atons Flashmail] Don't Forget to Sign Up Now for the Atons Anniversary and Officers Banquet!
01/26/2009 - [Atons Flashmail] Sign Up Now for the Atons Officers Banquet!
01/06/2009 - [Atons Flashmail] Happy New Year! Join Us This Saturday for Greek at Christos!

About the Atons

The Atons of Minneapolis , founded in 1972, is one of the nation's oldest active gay men's Leather / Levi social fraternity. We are dedicated to promoting a positive image of our lifestyle through our various social activities. As part of our mission, we work to encourage local, national and international fellowship. We also work to foster both the unity and diversity of the leather community.

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Atons of Minneapolis

PO Box 580517
Minneapolis, MN 

Voicemail: 612-562-8667

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