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Gopher XXI Thanks

Atons Gopher XXI Tails of the CityOn behalf of my Atons brothers, I want to thank everyone who attended Gopher XXI, the Atons 2014 run. The energy was fantastic this year, and we were very happy to see plenty of wagging tails, butt sniffing, and exploration of our great city of Minneapolis this weekend.

Our “Tails of the City” theme spoke to the two strong influences on our run. After seventeen years of camping runs, Gopher returned to our beloved Minneapolis for an in-town run. We celebrated our city by spending Saturday morning on an adventure down Nicollet Avenue.

“Tails” was a nod to the strong puppy culture that has grown in our leather community. I appreciate and support the men and women who identify as pups and handlers. I adore the playful and loving nature of pups and I am very happy that our run attendees got a chance to play and interact with our local pups. And thank you to Trainer Don and his partner Chris for their excellent demonstrations this weekend!

Thank you very much to our sponsors, The Saloon, EagleBolt Bar, Twin Cities Leather, and our follow leather club Knights of Leather. Your support and encouragement made this run possible.

Thank you to our cocktail party hosts: KC Pioneers, Twin Cities boys of Leather, North Kennel Club, Wolf Pack, Knights of Leather, Corn Haulers, the Black Guard, and our Atons Associates. We are honored that you helped to create a warm and welcoming run.

And to my fellow Atons: Joe, Rob, Bobbie, Tim, Angel, Sam, Jason, and Del. You have put in so much time over the last year to produce Gopher XXI. To those of you who wag your tail, I say good boy! For the rest, I simply say thank you for a job well done.

Andrew Bertke
Atons of Minneapolis

August L&L at It's Greek To Me

It's Greek To Me Join us on the patio for the August Leather & Levi Dinner at It's Greek to Me, a Minneapolis favorite in Lyn Lake neighborhood. RSVP by Friday, August 1

Owned and run by the Arambadjis family for over 25 years, It's Greek to Me is a Twin Cities landmark. Generations of diners have dined at It's Greek to Me, enjoying our authentic menu and warm Greek hospitality.

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The Atons of Minneapolis , founded in 1972, is one of the nation's oldest active gay men's Leather / Levi social fraternity. We are dedicated to promoting a positive image of our lifestyle through our various social activities. As part of our mission, we work to encourage local, national and international fellowship. We also work to foster both the unity and diversity of the leather community.

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