Atons of Minneapolis

Associate Membership


Associates Members assist Full Members in promoting a good image of the Atons. Individuals with limited time and commitment assist Full Members in carrying out the club’s goals and objectives by helping conduct fund-raisers, bar events, campouts, and runs. Associates can wear their club patch with pride in knowing that the Atons is one of the oldest surviving leather/levi clubs in the nation. As a nationally recognized club the Atons are known everywhere. As a patch holder, an Associate is an ambassador of the club and will be warmly received by clubs everywhere. In appreciation of Associates’ good works Associates are invited to special club events throughout the year such as our annual Holiday Party in December and Pool Party or outing during the summer.


Associate members residing 50 or more miles from Minneapolis (At Large Associate) are encouraged to attend at least one designated major Atons event.

Associate members residing within 50 miles of Minneapolis (Local Associate) are required to attend at least one designated major Atons event each year and are required to attend at least four other events. A major event is the annual installation banquet (January) and our run or campout (September). Other events are our Holiday Fundraiser (December), monthly leather/levi nights at a local bar, road trips to other cities, and bar nights and fundraisers.


Prospective Associates are not required to serve a pledge period. However, they need to secure sponsorship from two active Full Members who can vouch for their good character when their application is presented to the club. Before completing your associate application, please reach our to any Atons Full members you know to ask them to sponsor you, or reach out to the club President or Vice-President

Dues and Cost

Membership requires an entrance fee of $25.00. This fee includes the cost of an associate patch and one year’s dues. The fee must accompany the application. In the event the prospective associate member is not accepted, the fee will be returned. Associate member annual dues are $20 payable on January 1st of each year. If your associate membership begins after January, your first renewal will be pro-rated based on your starting date.

Questions regarding application for associate membership should be directed to the Vice-President.

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