Atons of Minneapolis

About Us

Founded in 1972, the Atons of Minneapolis are one of the United State’s oldest continuously active Leather/Levi social fraternities. We are a leather social club for gays, bisexuals, and men who have sex with men, along with our friends. Through social activities, we promote a positive image of leather. We seek to foster both the unity and diversity of the leather communities and work to encourage local, national, and international fellowship.

The Atons of Minneapolis orchestrates various events, encompassing monthly meetings, social gatherings, and an annual celebration.

To foster camaraderie, we organize “runs” – trips to meet with other clubs. Our version is a camp-out, extending invitations to other clubs and leather community members nationwide for a weekend filled with enjoyment and camaraderie, typically on the second or third weekend in September.

The leather community, rich in diversity, unites individuals with varied interests and passions. Yet, we all share a common interest in leathersex and its encompassing culture. The Atons champion this blend of unity and diversity, aiming to cultivate a cohesive community. We support various fundraising activities to unite, express our identity, and celebrate our culture, with proceeds aiding club initiatives and broader LBTQA+ community causes, including charitable organizations and AIDS services.

We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic individuals to join us. If you’re interested in participating in our events or considering membership, we encourage you to contact our President or Vice-President.