Atons of Minneapolis

Club at the Blue Max 2021 Run

Atons at Blue Max Run

Atons club members Andrew and Ken traveled down to Missouri last weekend to attend the Blue Max “Highland Games” run at Dawgwoodz Camp. This run was also the fall meeting for the Mid America Conference of Clubs, which the Atons are a founding member of back in 1974.

On Saturday after the MACC meeting, the Atons co-hosted a cocktail party with Mike and Randy from the Corn Haulers. We served a light and tasty “Scottish Summer Punch.”

We want to thank Blue Max and all of its members who worked hard to create a fun and relaxed run. The Saturday afternoon entertainment was unforgettable. And thank you to Dawgwoodz Camp for creating this fantastic oasis.

Here are a few photos of Andrew and Ken at the run, plus our joint cocktail party and group photos from the run. More photos from the run will be posted to the MACC website.

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