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Full Members enjoy the camaraderie and brotherhood of a closely-knit group of men. The club offers Full Members the opportunity to play a significant role in the leadership of the Minnesota leather community. Our fund-raisers help community causes make a difference. Since the club is one of the nation's oldest, living clubs, the club uniform and patch is nationally recognized. When Full Members travel to distant cities they are greeted warmly by other club brothers and provided opportunities that you wouldn't have without our club status.

Are you interested in becoming a Full Member of the Atons? The first step is to get to know the current Full Member by attending our events and meetings, such as our monthly dinner and bar nights. In additional to our monthly events, once or twice a year we have a "Rush Party" which is an afternoon or evening set aside to get to know perspective members better and answer any questions that they might have. Once the club brother have gotten to know you, you are welcome to submit an application to pledge the club.

Full Membership Requirements

Before you apply to pledge the Atons, you must understand the requirement for Full Membership. Full membership is reserved for those men who have the necessary time and commitment to help the club achieve its goals and objectives. Full Members are expected to attend monthly general meetings and serve on two or more sub-committees. In addition to these meetings, members are expected to be present at bar events, fund-raisers, the annual officers installation banquet and the biennial club run at which you are expected to attend. Full Members are also expected to make at least one run trip to a club outside Minnesota each year.

Dues and Cost:

Your pledge application requires an entrance fee of $45.00. This fee includes the cost of the pledgeship and one large and small patch when you become full members. The fee must accompany you application. In the event the prospective member is not accepted, the fee will be returned.

After a pledge becomes a full member, the monthly dues are $15.00 a month. Full member is encouraged to keep their dues in good standing and encouraged to attend the monthly general meeting.

The first $100.00 of your dues goes into the Uniform Fund and if you return the uniform in good order you will receive the $100.00 back. The uniform is required at many club functions and is often worn when attending other clubs' runs.

Questions regarding application for pledgeship should be directed to the Vice-President.

Think About Associate Membership

Pledging to be a Full Member isn't for everyone. If you want to have a way to contribute and participate with the Atons in leather and community activities, consider applying to be an Associate Member.

Associate Membership Information

When You're Ready to Pledge…

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