Atons of Minneapolis


A New Tuesday Tradition for the Atons at Eagle | Mpls

In April, the Atons of Minneapolis shifted their monthly bar night from Thursday to Tuesday, aligning with Eagle | Mpls’s new Leather Club Bar Night. The first event celebrated this change with a ceremony where the Atons presented their club colors and a plaque, solidifying their partnership with Eagle | Mpls.

The inaugural event on this new night was well-received, with a robust turnout that filled the recently remodeled Eagle | Mpls. The change of venue and timing injected fresh energy and excitement among both long-standing members and newcomers alike.

Presentation of Club Colors

A key moment of the evening was the special presentation, held about an hour into the festivities. During this ceremonial moment, the Atons gathered to present our club colors to Dan Shamp, the owner of the Eagle | Mpls. This act celebrated and reinforced the strong partnership between the Atons and Eagle | Mpls, highlighting the bar’s dedication to providing a welcoming space for the club.

As the Atons continue their partnership with Eagle | Mpls, they anticipate many more evenings filled with community and camaraderie in this welcoming environment.

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