Atons of Minneapolis

Black Lives Matter

To our communities,

The Atons of Minneapolis are in solidarity with everyone demanding justice for George Floyd, and fighting generations of systemic racism and police brutality. We firmly believe that Black Lives Matter. We encourage everyone in our LGBTQA+ and leather/kink communities to take a visible and tangible stand against racism today. 

As we begin Pride month, we reflect on the rights we have won and lost in the last 51 years since the Stonewall Riot. We know painfully well that no battle for equality is ever complete as long as there are people who wish to oppress others and deny our shared humanity.

We hope that everyone is at least ok today. It has been an extra tense week, and whether you were protesting the murder of George Floyd by four officers in the Minneapolis Police Department in person or watching the protests from afar, the toll on our minds and bodies can be intense. Please take a moment for yourself every day to recenter and gather energy for the work we all need to do.

Yours in leather,
Andrew Bertke
President, Atons of Minneapolis

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